Friday, 12 June 2009

The Best Trip in the World

Following the success of Australia's "best job in the world" competition, the Taiwan tourism bureau has decided to create a similar competition.

The preliminary round involves coming up with a four day plan to travel around Taiwan. Team's have to make a video introducing themselves and then put that on the net. Each team is judged upon the feasibility of the plan and their popularity amongst other web users.

From all the teams entered, fifty will be chosen to actually do their trips and each will receive $28,000NT for their troubles!! Anyone wanting enter should have a look here

Three friends and I have put together a team. We're called the "Formosan Adventurers". We're all long term residents of Taiwan and love traveling and exploring this great island. We have a few blogs between us.... this one you're reading, Phil's Chinese site and Neil's travel and photography site. All of us have traveled extensively around the island and love it's natural beauty and we really hope that this competition can help promote Taiwan to the rest of the world.

We'd really appreciate everyone's support and you can vote for us by visiting

Formosan Adverturers



  1. Hey there, Wretch doesn't allow embedding of photos offsite. They check referrer headers, so only Wretch blogs can use the photos. I see you got plenty up elsewhere, so you might move the photo when you have the chance.

  2. It's actually a friend's photo so that's why I tried wrtech. Will ask him to send me a copy, thanks!