Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Formosa Adventurers

We finally made in back to Taipei late last night after four fantastic days of travelling down the east coast of Taiwan. We've all had a great time and looking back on it, it's amazing just how much we managed to fit into only four days.

Eventually, when we're all sorted out and fully recovered, I'll publish an itinerary of what we did with details so that if anyone is interested in doing any of the activities will be able to use it as a guide.

In the meantime here are the videos and don't forget to check back soon for the final video!!!

Thanks for all the support!

Day 1 Hualien - Rivertracing, the Ami harvest festival and the Nanbin night market.

Day 2 Ruishui and Taidong - White water rafting and the old Taidong train station.

Day 3 Taidong and Gaotai - Quad biking, paragliding and the Bunun aboriginal centre

Day 4 Zhiben - Hiking and hot springs..... and rain, lots of it


  1. Very great to see this...

    Thanks for sharing...

    Entertainment at one stop

  2. Hey like the video, man, good luck! You guys made Mandarin news. The East Coast is breath taking and I've been meaning to go back for a long time.

    You should really use the title box for your posts instead of sticking it directly into the text body. If you did something like put the English and Chinese into your title, then it would show up in your list of previous posts automatically without the extra words from the post body or weird ellipsis at the end. It'd be like your list of links on the side, but automatic.

  3. Cheers for the advice! Trying to sort it out now. For some reason the post title was switched off so i hadn't noticed it.

    Any idea how to make a list of previous posts?

  4. You need to make sure archives (Blog Archive) is enabled. The links to other posts you want to highlight is cool, but with archives, all your posts are easy available by chronological order.

  5. Thanks for that! I actually had the archive in the beginning but i didn't the way you couldn't look at past months hikes individually. It only lets you look at an entire month so i create my own links.

  6. Amazing! I like your itinerary.

  7. Thanks. We had a great time shooting the video and doing the trip!

  8. Like you guys hiking a lot. It Looks so fun and with lots of adventures. I relly enjoy watching you guys YouTube! Have you guys hiked in the tribal areas?